khei bra civil engineering
khei bra civil engineering

A little more about me:

About me! ok, i am the founder of KheiBra Blog, Brahimi Kheireddine, born on September 27, 1986 AD in Medea, ALGERIA, i am civil engineer, graduated from Saad Dahlab University, Blida, 2009 session.

This blog was founded during October 2019, and it is an outlet for me, as it brings together most of my hobbies that I love, Since my childhood, I have tended to engineering, and what has made me more biased towards civil engineering is the 2003 Boumerdes earthquake, when I was auditing for the baccalaureate.

But, at the university, I felt a tendency to study computer media, and I had an opportunity to be admitted to study it, and I hesitated a lot between the two disciplines.

In the end, the conflict was resolved with the advice of the father, may God have mercy on him.

About Khei | Bra

KheiBra is inspired from my full name (Khaireddine Ibrahimi), KheiBra means experience in Arabic, I chose this name for my personal blog because it is specialized in my field of work, civil engineering, and as long as I wanted to get more experience in it and share it with others.

For whom Khei | Bra ?

Khei | Bra is for all those interested in the field of construction and civil engineering, such as engineers, contractors, individual project owners, students and technical wire employees, and all users of this field.

Why Khei | Bra ?


Through Khei | Bra, I would like to participate in restoring respect to the field of civil engineering in my country, Algeria, increasing awareness of it, introducing the importance of executive study, field follow-up to the project, and sensitizing about the risk of negligence in taking into account the security and economic aspect when completing individual and group projects.


Khei | Bra is a project of the first Algerian personal blog specialized in the field of building and civil engineering, written in the three languages, and seeks to participate in spreading engineering awareness and improving the quality of construction.

My goals

  • Publishing an engineering article weekly to discuss a new topic in the field of construction and engineering.
  • Collecting and publishing an engineering library that would be a reference for those interested in this field.
  • Expanding the circle of friends from engineers, technicians and various workers in this field
  • Lend a hand to the new engineers and future engineers.

Accept my sincere greetings.