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5 Android applications must be available on the civil engineer phone


Today, I chose you 5 practical Android applications in the field of civil engineer ing, which are required by the people involved in building workshops, those applications are able to reduce a lot of effort for you, get to know them in this article:

There is no doubt that the smartphone has become the only device that most people do not fail to carry around everywhere and all the time compared to other devices, regardless of the age, gender or nature of the work they are doing, and therefore application developers have worked to facilitate the person’s access to His files and review on his mobile phone, without resorting each time to run the computer.

Here are 5 Android applications in civil engineering:

By clicking on the title of the application, you will be taken to the Play Store to download it in seconds, knowing that all these applications are free.

1- AutoCAD 360

  • Latest version: 4.5.33
  • Date of update: 30/03/2020
  • Application size: 48,26 MB
AutoCAD_360 on Play Store

An application that allows you to view AutoCAD files on your phone, edit them and share them with your friends and it works without the need to connect to the Internet.

With this application, you can stop holding your printed plans to the workshop; you can view your plans on the application, comment on them, and make the changes you want, directly from your mobile phone.

Moreover, the AutoCAD 360 application allows you to import measured values ​​using the Leica Disto device, view and add blocks within the drawing, create layers, lock them, rename or delete them.

This application has already built bridges between the employment office and the workshop.

2- Builder Calculator

  • Latest version: 1.22
  • Date of update: 21/02/2020
  • Application size: 5,80 MB
Builder_Calculator On Play Store

Full app name: Builder Calculator – Concrete Volume Calculator

It is a simple and smart tool that allows you to calculate the price and the amount of concrete needed for the completion of various building elements: foundations, columns, stairs, … etc.

It also calculates the price and the amount of brick required to build a wall.

This tool also calculates the quantities (cement, sand, gravel) needed to accomplish a certain amount of concrete, and also calculates the amount of reinforcement in various units: kg, tons, … etc.

3- Project schedule

  • Latest version: 1.18.0
  • Date of update: 26/03/2020
  • Application size: 9,10 MB
Project Schedule on Play Store

Gantt diagrams became a general technique for representing phases, activities and analysis of project work systems, until they became understood by a wide audience [1].

This application allows you to create diagrams to distribute the time needed to create a project or carry out a task.

This integrated tool allows you – if you master the so-called (critical path method), to distribute the various stages of completion in a way that allows you to complete the project at the least possible time.

This is with ensuring optimum utilization of labor and equipment in the workshop, as well as avoiding losses resulting from price inflation and the deterioration of goods.

4- Land Area Calculator

  • Latest version: 1.0.8
  • Date of update: 16/03/2020
  • Application size: 2.80 MB
Land_area_measurement On Play Store

This wonderful application is used to measure the dimensions and areas on the map, by choosing specific points on the latter and clicking on them.

Often, given the large area and the difficulty of the terrain, the task of calculating the area of ​​a region is very difficult …

Hence this application came to facilitate this task.

The application enables you to specify the location you are in, as it gives you an idea of ​​the nearby places, and provides you with a compass and other features that you need to accomplish this task.

The application uses multiple units of measurement from which you can choose what suits you best, and the application can also share the results on social media.

5- Frame Design

  • Latest version: 499
  • Date of update: 07/09/2019
  • Application size: 5,50 MB
Frame_Design On Play Store

This application is very important for civil engineers, architects, mechanics and engineering students alike. Who among us does not remember the letters MEF, or what we used to call in (la  Méhode des elements finis) ?

This application allows you to adjust the dimensions, forces and type of restrain (Appuis), and it performs the calculations once the load distribution process is completed.

The application enables you to add / modify items, clips, loading cases, loading combinaisons, and safety factors. The main features of the app include displaying the results of moments shear, stress, bending, feedback, and control with units of measurement.


What distinguishes these Android applications that I have chosen for you is that they are very practical and useful on the job site.

And of course there are many similar applications and better on the Playstore, but I relied on her selection on some of the most important criteria:

  • Importance: What distinguishes these applications is that they are amazingly effective and reduce you a lot of effort
  • Free: All of these applications are free and some offer you an upgrade to the paid version
  • Size: The size of these applications does not exceed a few megabytes and can be downloaded in less than a minute
  • Diversity: Each of these apps serves you differently from the others
  • Reputation: You will often seek user satisfaction with these applications when reading their comments on the Play Store
  • Language of use: These applications are designed in English and you can often enter your data in another language
  • Date of update: I was keen in selecting these applications that their owners have updated them recently.

In addition to these applications, it has also been suggested that you download a dictionary of civil engineering in the language in which you work or study, which makes it easier for you to review the terms used in the field and learn their meanings.

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 In this article we talked about:

  • AutoCAD 360: To View and edit achievement plans and share them with friends
  • Construction Calculator: To calculate the necessary quantities of iron, concrete and other materials
  • Project schedule: organizing the stages of completion and optimal use of resources
  • Land Area Calculator: Calculates the dimensions and areas from the map
  • Frame Design: Calculates moments, strains, and reactions.

If you know other Android applications that would shorten the effort for those involved in the field of civil engineering, please join us in the comments.

Let’s  enhance our engineering KHEIBRA.

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